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North-Transdanubian Water Directorate


Operational area of ÉDUVIZIG


The operational area of our directorate is 6370 km2 that covers the entire Győr-Moson-Sopron and Komárom-Esztergom counties. The land is mainly lowland with moderate hills on the perimeter. We maintain 142 km Danube section with the Szigetköz floodplain and the connected rivers Mosoni-Danube, Raba, Marcal, Rábca, Lajta.
The number of settlements is 252 in which the number of the residents is beyond  700 000 persons. We are responsible for their protection against water hazard and management of the water sources in the catchment.
The centre of Directorate is located in Győr. We have fore territorial headquarters:  Hanság, Rába, Szigetköz and Tata to cover the whole area of interest.



Main tasks:

  • fluvial and inland flood protection
  • draught and flash-flood control
  • operative water quality protection
  • lake and river management
  • management of surface and subsurface water resources
  • river basin and flood risk management planning
  • hydrometric measurements and monitoring
  • data collection and dissemination
  • operating and maintaining water supply systems

expertise consultation


We cooperate with neighboring countries based on inter-state agreements. Our Directorate plays a major role in the work of Hungarian-Slovakian and Hungarian-Austrian Bilateral Water Committees.

Water Management Planning, Water Resources Management


Protection of groundwater resources

We have 16 protected groundwater resources intended for future use. There are 32 drinking water abstraction from vulnerable water resources on our operational area.




Water resources management

We are dealing with characterization of surface and groundwater bodies, analysis of water status and harmonizing the demand of water users and available water resources. 






According to the EU Water Framework Directive we have created sub-basin management plans for 7 planning unit.  We are responsible for the status of 86 surface water bodies and 21 groundwater bodies.

Water supply

The settlements in our operational area have fresh water supply in 100% and sewage system in 90 %. Development of the cleaning systems occurs according to the National Sewerage Program. 

Mitigation of water damages


Fluvial flood protection

On our operational area there are 11 embanked floodplains. The hazard exposure is about 1400 km2 (flood prone land). 13 primary defense lines (together 231 km long) provide the protection against fluvial flood inundation.  There are  more than 200 structures inbuilt, 87 of them have also inland drainage function.



Flood Risks Management Plan

According to the relevant EU Flood Directive the flood risk management plans are elaborated, which decrease the vulnerability of flood prone lands by structural and non-structural (legal, economic) measures. On strategic level it is coordinated by National Water Directorate.

Executive Riverbed Management Plan

Our Directorate is responsible to develop executive riverbed management plans for all floodplains of the rivers. The regulations prevent the increase of design flood levels, the developments contribute to decrease of them. These plans are in close connection with flood risks management plans.

Protection against inland inundation

The threat of groundwater inundation exists on all the lowland part of the operational area. It is divided to 11 protection sections. The collective  drainage systems are the property of the State and those are maintained by the Directorate. It covers all the public regional hydraulic infrastructures and the pumping stations. 

Flashfloods and local water-related  damages

The local inundations happen suddenly by the effect of big precipitation because of the limited water conveyance  capacity of the rivers. We give professional technical support to municipalities in their preventive and operative work, since these local problems have to be handled by them.

Water quality protection

The Directorate takes an active part in removal of the water pollutions and embanking or reducing the water contamination. In the frame of the water service we possess with continuously developed special instruments and qualified experts for the exploration and monitoring of the pollutions, as well as removing hazardous materials.




Hydrological forecast: Our Directorate provides early warning and exact forecast based on foreign and domestic meteorological and hydrological data/models with traditional and linearised regression methods

Modeling: We apply numerical models for water supply system analyses, representative flood analyses, intervention effect analyses, early warning system and reservoir analyses and large floodplain conveyance capacity analyses. The dimensions of the protected hydrogeological areas of groundwater resources were determined also by numerical modeling. 

Hydrometric monitoring

We do measurements of quantitative and qualitative parameters on surface and subsurface waters, data collection and processing.

 Hydrometric monitoring system of ÉDUVIZIG: 

  • 570 water gauges
  • 54 discharge measuring profiles
  • 558 monitoring wells
  • 26 hydrometeorological stations 

Water utilization

We operate and maintain three regional discharge control system for satisfying ecological demands, the need of agricultural irrigation and nature protection: Kis-Rába, Mosoni-Danube and Általér endowments.


We deal with horizontal water management in 6.370 km2 with  1650 km of state-owned water bodies


Szigetköz water recharge system

The Directorate operate and maintain a water recharge system in the Szigetköz region that has elements in the floodplain and also on the land side. This system ensures the necessary regime for the side arms system of the Danube section 1850-1817 rkm, the channels and back-waters on the land side and the ecological water supply of the Mosoni-Danube. The system is developed in the frame of a national KEOP initiative (Environment and Energy Operative Program). 

We possess with two icebreaker ships, two signaling vessels and an own harbor. We monitor the shipway day-by-day.


Fertő-lake: a unique natural and cultural land, it is part of the World Heritage. The catchment area is 1116 km2, the lake -basin 322 km2, 75 km2 of it is on Hungarian area. 

Tata-lake: it’s main purpose is retention, but it is also an important wetland falling within the Convention On Wetlands  made in Ramsar.  


North-transdanubian Water Directorate

Rába Headquarter:

                9025. Győr, Szarvas u. 4.

                Tel: +36 96 314764


                Address: 9021 Győr, Árpád út 28-32.

                Tel: +36 96 500-000

                Fax: +36 96 315342

Szigetköz Headquarter:

                9177. Ásványráró, Rákóczi u. 45.

                Tel: +036 96 215087


                Tel: +36 96 315486

                Mail: titkarsag@eduvizig.hu

Hanság Headquarter

                9300. Csorna, Erzsébet királyné u. 94.

                Tel: +36 96 260810

Emergency call and after working hours: +36 30 959 4388



Homepage:  www.eduvizig.hu

Tata Headquarter:

                2892. Tata, Malom u. 41.

                Tel: +36 234 587670


Dunakiliti Subdivision:

                9225. Dunakiliti, Pf.: 7

                Tel: +36 30 4008837


Fertő-lake Hydrometeorological Station:

                9421. Fertőrákos Pf.: 4

                Tel: +36 99 355013